My Jang Keun Suk World

I love jang keun suk. I also love ft island :D generally I post about them. mostly JKS :D

gewweze (originally geveze) means :D the person who talks too much.
sevinç means joy and happines in Turkish :D

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chungxuan smile bright my day~~
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for people who doesn’t know - What is Eel, Cri-J :) and Zikzin…

eel is the name of JKS’s fandom. Eel is a kind of fish, a snake-like fish. JKS likes to eat eel and believe eels give him energy. so, he named his fandom after it. Eels are JKS’s fans and gives JKS energy. we are somehow fish  kkkk 

his official fan club is named as cri-J. he uses cri word much. his concerts show is named as cri show too. cri came from critical. that means fans are critical for him ^^ and as you guess J is from jang  cri-J is his official fan club’s name in Korea.

zikzin means go straight and that wod used in Korea. JKS uses it frequently and he even opened a store in Japan under this name (Collecte De Zikzin). it is kind of life inspiring word for jks and eels. go on your way straight.. ZIKZIN! 

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